Harold W. Pace
Automotive Photojournalist
3131 Upper Denton Rd, Weatherford, Texas 75060   817/341-4655   Harold@HPacecars.com


Harold Pace has been playing with cars since, at the age of 13, he attended a race at the old Green Valley Raceway near Fort Worth, Texas. Since that time he has restored classic cars and competed in SCCA road racing, vintage road racing, drag racing and autocrossing. He’s a hands-on enthusiast who works on his own cars. He has owned over 60 cars ranging from a Model T Bonneville racer to three Ferraris.

Pace owned a commercial photography studio in Dallas, Texas from 1980 to 2000 when he happily made the switch to automotive photojournalism. He is considered to be one of the formost experts in American specialty cars and his column, Kit Carchives, ran in Kit Car magazine for eight years. He also contributed to the Beaulieu Encyclopedia of the Automobile, for which he and the other authors received the Cugnot Award of Distinction from the Society of Automotive Historians. His book Vintage American Road Racing Cars, co-authored with Dr. Mark Brinker, was a finalist for the Dean Batchelor Award.

If your next project involves a car and a camera, Pace would love to discuss it with you. Over the years he has driven 1,000 hp Corvettes, tuner Mini Coopers, a replica of Bill Burke’s “belly tank” and a Le Mans-winning Porsche 917. Back in his own shop he’s building a Model T track roadster for the salt.

Pace lives in Weatherford, Texas with his wife Shelley.
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